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Video Production – Efficient Tool for Tourism Marketing

The tourism industry is one that requires special approaches to be able to attract clients to a business. Different methods have been suggested for travel marketing, some of which you may click here to learn more about. However, it has to be noted that tourism is not something that can simply be pushed to people exactly the same way as you would a tangible good. Images and sound are central to the process of attracting customers in the tourism industry. This is where tourism video production comes in.

Why is Video Production Essential for Tourism Marketing?

When it comes to the Internet, it can be proven that people prefer to watch rather than read when it comes to online content. Besides, it has been observed that people tend to experience eye strain when reading on a screen and, most likely as a result, lack the patience to read a long block of text on the internet. Therefore, many people will rather watch videos than read articles, if given an option. Google places premium on sites that have well-optimized videos and rank them better, perhaps, as a result of this user preference. If you are yet to be convinced, some figures will probably make you.

video production for tourism

In a 2011 survey by Google, almost 70 percent of those surveyed said they usually watched online videos when planning to go on a trip. A good number of these people used the online videos to make a decision on the right vacation destinations and on where to stay while on vacations. Those surveyed showed preference for videos produced by organized businesses in the tourism industry. What was even more impressive is that an amazing 75 percent of business travelers and 45 percent of leisure travelers said they were induced into make bookings after watching these travel-related videos.

Making Video Production Work for You

So you have now realized the advantages that tourism video production can help your business in the travel sector enjoy and you are thinking of making some videos yourself. Before going ahead, you should be aware that it is not enough to simply grab a camcorder and start shooting different scenes and locations. This is a mistake that many make, thinking that is enough to show places and attractions in a video. This is not true.

It is advisable that you seek the assistance of video production experts such as Production House Singapore to help you prepare a video that works. There are some elements that ideally should be not missing from videos to be used for tourism marketing purposes. One of such ingredient is a touch of a story – many people like storytelling and are attracted to concepts based on stories. Professionals are in a better position to know effective approaches to producing selling videos.

Tourism video production is a very creative way to attract new customers to your business, if you are engaged in the travel industry. It is an effective means of grabbing the attention of people and making them take the actions you desire, which is for them to do business with you.

Vacation and Holidays Pay: What Employees Need To Know

Businessman working at desk on the beachMost companies have different rules about vacation pay. However; some rules remain common to all companies across different countries. Often, new employees are unaware of the rules regarding vacations and holidays. So, in this guide, we will discuss the basics of vacation pay briefly so that every employee is aware of the basic facts.

Vacation pay: Who gets it?

Vacation and holiday pay is typically given to only those employees who have been employed with the company for at least 12 months. You also need to have worked for at least 90% of this time period. Some companies even tend to give vacation pay to people who have worked for even 5 days. Also, employees who have worked for consecutive 15 years or more for the same company tend to get several benefits in the form of paid 2 week vacations which may be taken as a single two-week vacation or two one-week vacations in the work year. Workers in Australia can get more information about vacation pay from their payroll service Australia. Many employers also mention holiday pay rates in the advertisement they make for the job post. Once a successful candidate has been offered the job, s/he can get all the details pertaining to this topic.

Where else is holiday and vacation pay mentioned?

The written contract between the company and the employee states the same. Some employers also tend to give written particulars to their employees regarding the vacation or holiday pay as well.

What constitute typical holidays?

Public holidays of a country are also mentioned in the contract. These include common festival holidays, bank holidays, and common law holidays. If Christmas and New Year’s fall on weekends, alternate days may be declared as holidays.

When can an employee ask for his/her vacation pay?

Most employers give the vacation pay to their workers one day before the latter leave on vacation. Some companies tend to pay it in every pay period but this has to be indicated by payroll and advised to the employer.

Calculating vacation pay

Usually, in most countries, vacation pay is calculated at 4% of the total wages, which are the gross wages with commissions and extras including overtime pay and so on. For employees who have been consecutively employed for more than 15 years with the same company, the pay may be calculated at 6% of the gross wages.

Deductions on vacation pay

Most commonly applicable deductions on normal pay are also available on vacation pay such as income tax, employment insurance premium, pension/401 K plans etc.

Taking and applying for vacation

It is every employee’s right to apply for vacation provided s/he gives a notice well in advance. Usually, most employers give a minimum leave period: in some cases it is twice as long as the period of actual vacation. Thus, if you are planning to go on 1 week leave, give a notice period at least 2 weeks in advance.

Employers’ restrictions

Sometimes, employers may impose restrictions on the leave taken. They may, for example, nominate certain days of the year as closure where the employers have to take their annual leave. They can also impose limits on the maximum number of leaves one can take and also periods when the leave may be taken. Sometimes, though rare, drastic measures may lead the employer to cancel an employee’s leave, but s/he might want to compensate for it through monetary means.

Don’t Forget to Pack the Stun Gun

In providing for the safety of those who live in a society, there are a number of measures that are taken and implemented. Some of those measures include laws, a police force and a court system. Additionally, other security and safety measures include alarm systems, surveillance systems and personal safety devices.

Some of those personal safety measures include pepper spray, mace, animal repellant products, self defense course, etc.

Additionally, another popular item is a stun gun. If considering the purchase of a stun gun, such as the guard dog diablo II stun gun, it is important to research the use of this self-defense product, its legality based on ytravelour geographical location and travel destination and what features you may wish to have the gun equipped with.

When considering the purchase of a stun gun it is important to understand how the unit works.

If considering the purchase of a stun gun it is important to understand that even though this device is designed for self defense it can, nevertheless, be considered a weapon. Therefore, if wishing to purchase a stun gun and pack this stun gun when going on trips, it is important to know what the laws are in the area in which you reside and are about to travel to.

Understanding all of this, it is also critical to know how a stun gun operates. First of all, the stun gun is non-lethal, but delivers a large electrical charge to the body at low amperage. Consequently, the action of the stun gun is to temporarily paralyze the individual. This is accomplished because it disrupts the electrical charges being delivered by the central nervous system within a person’s body. Subsequently, with the attacker being temporarily paralyzed, this gives time for the individual to further incapacitate the individual or seek help.

Of equal importance in knowing about a stun gun, it is how to operate such a self-defense weapon? Therefore, it would be important to receive training in the use of a stun gun. This is critical because an individual owning such a device does not want to hurt anybody else other than the person for whom it is intended to be used on and not hurt themselves in the process as well. In addition, a self-defense course may be indicated as it will teach the individual owning a stun gun on when it should be fired, how it should be fired, and how many times.

A good resource to find out about this product and its use would be one’s local police department. They may even offer a class or provide a list of all five trainers.

In addition to delivering a high-voltage charge, there are many stun guns that come with various accessories. Some of those accessories could be a quality flashlight utilizing brilliant LEDs. This may be a useful accessory because of violent interactions occurring after hours as well as the stun gun being stored in one’s vehicle. Other accessories include a charger for the home and one that may come with a mobile charger.

Retirement Planning in Terrace BC: Take Control of your Financial Future!

retirement-23Taking control of your financial future may seem an impossible and a hard task, but you can create a comfortable future for yourself and family. With a little help from your financial advisor and some knowledge about investments, you will be able to setup your own financial plan and ultimately prepare for a rewarding retirement.

There are different types of retirement plans available for Canadians, including individual savings, employer-sponsored and government-sponsored retirement income, and social security benefit plans. These retirement plans have their own unique advantages and disadvantages, and it’s up to you to determine which one of these retirement options fits your goal and retiring needs.

1. Canada Pension Plan (CPP)
The Canada Pension Plan is a government-sponsored program that is funded by you and your employer’s contributions. It is roughly similar to the U.S. Social Security program where the amount of benefits received is based on how much you contributed over your work lifetime. Withdrawal benefits can be taken upon retirement or disability, and are considered taxable income.

2. Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA)
The Tax-Free Savings Account is a type of investment option available for Canadians who want to save. This is quite similar to U.S. Roth IRA whereby residents over the age of 18 can contribute to a maximum of $5,500 annually. If the maximum contribution is not reached in a given year, the unused room can be carried forward to the following year. Unlike the Canada Pension Plan, the TFSA allows the recipients to withdraw their fund at any time, tax-free.

3. Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)
The Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a type of savings and investment plan that is similar to self-managed super fund (SMSF) used in Australia and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) used in the U.S. You can contribute up to 18 percent of your income annually into your RRSP account until the age of 71. You can withdraw money from your account at any time, but withdrawals are considered as taxable income.

4. Registered Pension Plan (RPP)
The registered Pension Plan is an employer-sponsored retirement plan that is fairly similar to 401k used in the U.S. In this type of plan, you as the employee and your employer, or just your employer make contributions to your retirement account until you retire or leave the company. Contributions to RRPs are tax-deferred until withdrawn.

5. Old Age Security (OAS)
The Old Age Security is a government-sponsored program that is available for eligible Canadian citizens 65 years of age and older. It is funded out of the general revenues of the Canadian Government, which means that you do not make contributions into it directly. You get OAS pension payment just for being a senior citizen. But to receive your benefits, you must apply to the Department of Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and meet their Canadian legal status and residence requirements. Benefits include Old Age Security pension, Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), and allowances.

Whatever type of retirement plan you choose, some basic rules should be applied: start now! Do not wait until you reach the age of 40 or 50 to begin planning. Even if you do not make enough contributions, it is still important to have an account and put some into it. Remember, even small amounts can add up over time. There’s no need for you to have the highest salary to create a financial freedom. If you do not know how to start, talk to your financial advisor and read some good books about finances.




“Bose” is the pioneer in audio systems with the best of products coming from their house. Whether it is the speakers, home theatre or wave systems, if they are Bose then they are the best. We absolutely love what they have to offer in wireless headphones. Headphones need clarity, noise reduction and above all a safe and enthralling audio experience; and we must confess that Bose’s Soundlink wireless headphones for TV are all of this and much much more! In fact they are so good that it made the mediocre movie in to an experience of lifetime. So we have been drooling over them and decided to share the experience with you all, right here.


These are the first wireless headphones from Bose and boy! Do they have an incredible sound quality. Soundlink range comes in two versions – “On-ear” and “Around ear”. Comfort fit for ears make it snug and immersive sound just blows you away. These headphones can be connected to two devices simultaneously. So you can easily switch from TV to phone calls in an instant. Both versions use Triport acoustic technology which gives you a luxurious sound experience. The streaming is based on Bluetooth technology. The range is a good 30 feet and a pair will cost about $250.

Ear Phones

The earphones fit snugly and are super light. The irritation in the ear area that you might experience with most of the other brands is non-existent with the Soundlink. In fact you may have to remind yourself occasionally that you are wearing headphones. The on-ear version has an ear cushion width of 2.4” whereas around-ear version has 2.9”.

Dimensions & Accessories

These headphones have been designed to fit one and all. Around ear variant of these headphones have a height of 7.5” and contour of 6”. The Lithium ion battery can last up to seven hours on an average and takes about three hours of charging. Now let us move to the In Ear Soundlink headphones- 5.5” in contour and 7.1” in length. Battery life of this headphone is an unbelievable 15 hours whereas it takes just one and half hours for a full charge! Both the versions come with USB chord and optional audio cable. You can carry your “On-ear” Soundlink headphone in a stylish carry case. The “around ear” has been provided with a drawstring bag.

Our Word

If an exclusive world class audio experience is what you want the most from your headphones then a pair of Bose’ Soundlink is just for you. A high end brand with years of audio expertise never fails to impress. The money you pay for it is simply worth it and just wait when you hear a big “WOW” from every one of your friends
as you show off these super hot pairs of headphones. So move from best to “Better than the best” with Bose’ Soundlink wireless headphones and immerse yourself in the world of acoustic trance just like that!

15 Easy Packing Ideas For Vacation and Travel

packingTraveling is a fun and enjoyable experience that everyone should be able to do whenever they want. If you love to travel or want to start traveling, packing is going to be the thing that you want to get right. There is no reason to over pack and you want to make sure that you pack the essentials only so that you don’t wind up over packing. Below are some essentials that you want to make sure that you pack for every trip.


  • Toiletries – this is an obvious one, but you don’t have to pack your whole bathroom, just a few items.
  • Floss – Flossing is another good habit to keep going even when traveling. While regular string floss seems to be the easiest to travel with, it can be uncomfortable for some to use. Instead try a waterpik flosser that will do the same thing as the string floss, but with less pain. Waterpik flossers can be easy to travel with as well. Again, there are many different brands on the market, so make sure to check out waterpik reviews by others to find out which one would be best for you.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste – Brushing our teeth is important whether we are at home or traveling. In order to get healthy teeth, it is recommended to use an electric toothbrush, which simulates a dentist cleaning. To find the best toothbrush for you and your family, go online and check out electric toothbrush reviews from others. You can travel with a electric toothbrush just as easily as a regular toothbrush.
  • Shampoo, conditioner and shower gel – An easy way to travel with these is to buy the travel size ones so that you don’t take big containers, especially if you don’t want to check your luggage. Target, CVS and Walgreens all have a section dedicated to travel size toiletries. If you don’t like the brands they have available in travel size, then you can buy empty travel containers and fill them with your favorite brands.
  • Clothing and shoes – This is an area most people get carried away with and wind up packing too much. Usually people just pack whatever they see that they think they will need, and in the end it winds up not enough or too much. The best way to pack clothing is to put together outfits, lay them out on your bed, with socks and underwear, and then you can see just how much you will actually need to take with you. By putting together outfits you are able to see exactly what you have to wear everyday on your trip, so you won’t be surprised by a missed top or pant.

These all seem like simple tips, but when you are packing and have a lot on your mind about the trip, these simple tips can come in handy, especially when you are traveling for longer periods of time. They can help make packing that much easier.

Dispensing More than Medication in Terrace BC by Assisting Those in Need; With a Smile

pharmacytechnicianA Pharmacy Technician is a trained medical professional who assists a licensed Pharmacist in dispensing prescribed medications to patients who have a medical illness or condition.  These medications can treat the illness or condition of the individual, alleviate the symptoms or make the patient more comfortable if the illness is terminal.

In essence, the Pharmacy Technician is part of the medical treatment team that assists the patient.  That team is the doctors, specialists, technicians and medical organization that work together for the medical benefit and well-being of the individual.

If thinking about becoming a Pharmacy Technician, it is important to understand that it is more than just handing over a prescription bottle containing medication to a patient.  It is about capturing a vision of this critical role as it relates to the medical treatment plan and aiding in the recovery or physical relief of the individual.

Therefore, when addressing pharmacy technician duties, it is important to talk about dealing with medications and working with insurance companies.  However, it is most important to talk about relationships.

The primary responsibility of a pharmacy technician is to dispense medication, which you can find more information on when you click here. This broad duty specifically means that the individual will take the prescription ordered by the doctor and correctly match up the proper medication to be dispensed.

Also, by reading the prescription from the doctor, they will understand what strength that medication will be along with how many pills or capsules need to be placed into the medication bottle. Also, the technician needs to capture the specific instructions from the doctor on how often the medication should be taken.

In addition, the technician may be required to perform a mixture of medications.  Once the prescription has been filled, it is up to the technician to make sure that the proper prescription label is affixed to the vial of medication.

Another function to be performed by the technician will be the handling of insurance claims. This means that they need to properly fill out the claim forms as well as updating the personal information of the patient.  The technician will additionally need to learn and know about performing sales transactions either with cash, credit cards or other methods of payment.

Additionally, another critical component part of the job description of the pharmacy technician is making sure that proper inventory of medications is performed. Also, it is important that a general knowledge of the medication is maintained with continuing education of new medications being released. That knowledge should be what the medication is used for, its action and any possible interactions with other medications.

Finally, in concert with this technical knowledge, an important function of the pharmacy technician is to interact compassionately and be empathetic with those that come to the prescription counter. This means that even though the patient may be aggravating or contrary or downright mean, it is an important for the technician to maintain their professionalism with a healthy dose of empathy. The reason being is that individuals coming to have their prescription filled are often sick and therefore not feeling well.  So give a welcome to your Terrace BC Pharmacy and welcome them with a smile.

If You’re a Local or Tourist, Enjoy Fitness in Terrace: Inside or Out

terraceparkIt’s a great place to be to enjoy the best of outdoor fitness as well as fitness that can be found locally indoors to enjoy.  Outdoors will take you where you want to go whether it’s fishing for sport, or hiking through the nearby beautiful parks that are around.  Maybe you want to take your fitness indoors from the Aquatic Centre and Gym to the many fitness centers in the area, you’re in the right place.  They’ve got what you’re looking for.  It seems around every corner there’s a new way to look at and enjoy fitness.

One of the best ways is one you don’t even have to travel to participate in.  All that needs to be done is to open your door and step outside and go for a walk.  Whether you want to be speed walking or taking a slow leisurely pace through the area, you’re surrounded by gorgeous view and places to explore and take in.  The scenery that can be found around is enough to take your breath away.  It’s nice to get out and enjoy all there is that is around you.  All just by going outside and experiencing nature’s fitness gym.  Parks abound all about you, all you need do is choose to take it at your own pace.

When it rains you can always visit one of the local gyms and spas that are around town.  From swimming to aerobics or yoga, you can always find something going on that’ll pique your interest.  There is one thing that will be difficult for you to do however, that is to choose from all there is to do!  If like to keep your fitness on a personal level, you can always check out a good, reviewed running machine and turn your living room into your own private fitness center.

With so much to choose from though, the world is your oyster as far as health and fitness surrounds you in this community.  Activities can keep your fitness regimen from ever getting boring as there is so much to pick from.  Whether you want to keep it at home or if you want to take it outdoors to a sportsplex or gym, the choice is yours and you’ll have plenty to make your decision from.

There is always something going on when you come to Terrace.  Family activities are in plentiful supply as well.  You can get the whole family involved in a day of fitness if you wish, or even something as simple as bowling.  One normally doesn’t think of bowling first offhand when they think fitness, but you can work those arms, your balance, and enjoy fun times there with your family.

Feel free to sign up for a dance class or there’s even hockey events you can join in on whether you’re a kid or an adult.  There’s something for all fitness levels and for all ages to appreciate and find ways to enjoy healthy activities and have fun doing at the same time.  So next time you walk in the park, stop and look around you.  Take in the beauty and the fresh air and know fitness surrounds you in Terrace.

How to Keep Your Home Clean During Vacation

Luxury Home

Time really flies so fast, isn’t it? It’s already September, and it feels like just yesterday when we were planning for our last year’s Christmas vacation. And now, the holidays are already right around the corner and it’s hard to believe that we’re, again, planning for the coming holidays.

Well, while you’re figuring out which part of the world you should be going to spend your well-deserved break to – whether it’s in British Columbia in Canada or Honolulu in Hawaii, you would also want to give some thought on how you’re going to maintain your home while you and your family are away. This is especially true if you do not have any helper around to care for your dwelling, and you’re planning to go out for a long break.

The primary reason why you’re taking vacation days is to take away stress, isn’t it? And the last thing you want is to worry about the messes when you get back from your relaxation, which is why you need to make sure your home is already clean before you leave.

But how would you do that? Well, all it takes is spending just a few hours to clean your own home. You can also ask the other members of your family to help you in the cleaning to make the process a lot easier and faster. At least the week or day before your travel, set an hour or two to clean your home, so that when you get back, you will return to a clean and fresh dwelling. Here are some simple maintenance solutions we have for you:

Wash all your clothes and dishes

Have your dirty clothes washed before you leave. Better if you dry your clothes before the day of your travel so you can have the chance to put them away. By doing this, you will no longer have to deal with a big pile of dirty clothing when you get back. It is also a good thing to wash your bed sheets before your travel day, so you can come home to a clean bed. One of the best feelings after a vacation is to go home to a fresh and clean bed!

The same goes for your dirty dishes. If you have a dishwasher, then better – because all you need is run it, and then voila! You may also want to remove the kitchen trash and any leftovers so ants and other bacteria won’t invade your home while you’re away.

Clear all clutter and dust

In addition to washing your dirty clothes and dishes, you should also remove any clutter around your house, such as dust and trash. Wipe down the dust that is found on your home appliances, furniture, kitchen countertop, shelves, tables, and any other items where you store and put your things. It is also a good thing to clean your carpet and floor before you leave. To make this process easier, use a vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum, though, purchase one. Having your own cleaning item, such as a vacuum cleaner, is a great investment. Your property deserves good cleaning appliances. If you often go out for a vacation, you will appreciate it. But make sure to purchase the right item for your needs to clean your floors quickly. Some types of vacuums are not suitable for some surfaces, such as the vacuum for hardwood floors, which are usually only meant for hardwood floors. If you have pets, then a vacuum for pet hair is the one that you would like to purchase. Go to for more tips and information.

These maintenance solutions may seem to be no-brainers and for most of you, they’re something that you already know about. But while it seems silly to state the obvious, some people are forgetting their importance and still leave without doing them. It’s very important for you to realize that cleaning your home before leaving is crucial. You’ll be amazed on what cleaning and being organized can do to yourself and to your own dwelling. So do take these tips into consideration and have a wonderful break!

Becoming a Radiation Therapist


There are many people that have lost a loved one or close friend to cancer. Others have seen people die of cancer and wish they could do something about it. This is why some people want to become a radiation therapist. Radiation therapy is used to damage or destroy cancer cells and help heal those that are suffering from cancer.

Because this is such an advanced field of medicine, many think that they can’t become radiation therapists. These people are mistaken. If you take the time to research and do the work to find what you need to know to become a radiation therapist, you can achieve this dream. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Find Out What Exactly a Radiation Therapist Does

Whenever you get into something, your first step always needs to be learning about the thing you want to get into. It is very nice to want to become a radiation therapist, but you should figure out what a radiation therapist does. There are many different facets of the profession to learn about, and believe it or not, there are many different types of radiation therapists.

So, it is a good idea to educate yourself on what you will be facing if you ever got a job as a radiation therapist to see if it is right for you. There are many books on the subject as well as great information about therapist profession that you can find online.

Research Schools that Offer Radiation Therapy Programs in Your Area

It might be hard to believe, but there are many schools that offer radiation therapy programs. Radiology is a surprisingly broad discipline and many large and medium-sized colleges offer access to this field of study. There are many websites where you can find radiation therapy schools (like this one).

Talk to Someone with Practical Experience in the Field

There is almost no better way to learn about something than to ask someone who does it for a living. Speaking to a radiation therapist can give you a great deal of knowledge about what they do, and what you will have to do to join the profession.

They will be able to answer any practical and sometimes advanced questions that you have on the subject. They might even be able to give you pointers on what schools are good to receive your certification.

Volunteer at a Hospital that has a Radiation Therapy Department

Nothing beats practical experience, and one of the best ways to do that is to volunteer. Now you won’t be able to do any official work, but there are many small tasks (mostly non-official) that you may be able to help the hospital staff with. While you are there, you can learn about the profession, see what they do, and see if it is right for you.

You could also join a radiation therapy job shadowing program, or apply to do research if you are already a student.

If becoming a radiation therapist is your dream, then there are things you can do to make that dream come true. It will take a bit of work, and the classes you will have to take might be hard, but in the end, being able to achieve your dream will be worth it.