Examples of Native Weaving Art

native weaving art

Native Americans have a lot of tradition. They were the first ones to arrive in the land and today they are still there, carrying their traditions and making the world a better and much more beautiful place. They are a important part of a land’s history and they should always be respected and admired, after all if they lose their culture our country will lose part of its traditions and history. They have their music, their art, their traditions. It is a very important thing to always keep this alive and the more we know about them the better.

Weaving and its tradition.

You can see that one of the most traditional and beautiful traditions of the Natives is the weaving art. Just like we know, weaving is a way to produce clothes, bags and other clothing accessories with their own hands, using weavers. Natives have different patterns, use beautiful colors and can be found all over North America in both the United States of America and Canada. It is a long job that might take hours and hours on end. Just like we can see on the following link http://nativeamerican-art.com/navajo-blankets.html, the Navajo, a tribe of natives who are in the USA take as much as 350 hours to weave a single rug or blanket. There are several different steps to be followed, steps which include having a sheep and shearing it. Then, after they have the wool, they need to spin the wool and it usually takes around 50 hours, later on they spend 60 hours to prepare the dye and other 215 hours to actually weave and dye the materials. This is a very hard job that is beautiful and should be valued.for more information visit this website.

Ojibwa Art and tradition.

Another great Native people is the Ojibwa group, who is nice. They are present in Canada and they have beautiful weaving items that are amazing and can be found in the following link www.weavingworld.ca. They have paintings, weaving and much more. It is a very good option to go online and take a look at such items. It is possible to find them in the country as well. They are unique and also take hours and hours on end to get ready. They are a work of millenniums and thankfully they are part of the history of North America. Thankfully we managed to keep such traditions and art alive for centuries and hopefully they will be able to remain alive for centuries and centuries on end.

native weaving art

If you got inspired…

Who said only the American Natives could weave? Well, you can do it yourself right now! You can take a look at weaving world.ca, a great site that has very good products for you to take a look at. There are used weavers that are portable and will be a very good start for you. You will not have to spend hundreds or even have to spend hundreds of hours weaving, you can simply doing it for the sake of having fun and learning something new.

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