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Granite Countertops As Your Best Choice

Would like granite countertops for your house? To install granite for your bathroom or kitchen, some considerations must first be taken into account. It is not proper to just drop by a store and select the countertops that you think would look good. Rather, it is good to make research first. The internet is a good start to acquire information like this link http://ezinearticles.com/?Granite-Countertops:–An-Overview&id=65866. In choosing or shopping for countertops below are some of the considerations to think of:

  1. The product must be seen in person. True, there are many pictures that can be found online and in magazines. However, it is best to see those in real prior to ordering one. Granite is available in various shades. Also, it has some distinctive features that some would like and others not.
  2. Request for large slabs of the granite. It is best to ask for granite in its large slab form when shopping for countertops. It is because it is hard to imagine how the countertop will appear like when only small slabs were seen. For major stone suppliers, large slabs are always available for inspection.
  3. Prior to buying counters, take into account the design of the interiors. Of course, you are building or making improvements for your bathroom or kitchen because you want to enhance the look of it. Hence, it is best to match the countertop to the interior design.

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Those are a few of the things to consider when in the look to buy or change your countertop. When you already have it set up in your home or currently have granite countertops in Michigan, you are now looking for ways to clean or maintain it. Below are some of the few methods.

Ways to maintain granite countertops:

  1. Clean the countertops through the use of a piece of cloth and warm water. It should be done on a daily basis. It must be dried out entirely so as to prevent any water stains as well.
  2. Clean through baking soda if the stain is water based or oil based. If it is water based, the solution is hydrogen peroxide plus baking soda. If the stain is oil based, water should be added in baking soda.

The usual waste that can hurt your countertops:

  1. Vinegar, cleaners with citrus or ammonia are acidic that can make the surface dull.
  2. Soda and coffee when spilled on the surface can also make the surface dull.
  3. Although granite countertops can endure heat from the cookware’s pot, it is still best to put it under the trivet.
  4. When too much weight is applied on the surface when a person sits, the granite countertop may crack.

Because of durability and having the characteristic of being able to resist bacteria, granite countertops are mostly liked by many home owners. It is despite the fact of it being quite expensive among the other types. With this kind of investment, it is advisable to ensure it is properly maintained. This will ensure that it will last longer than you can think of.