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Video Production – Efficient Tool for Tourism Marketing

The tourism industry is one that requires special approaches to be able to attract clients to a business. Different methods have been suggested for travel marketing, some of which you may click here to learn more about. However, it has to be noted that tourism is not something that can simply be pushed to people exactly the same way as you would a tangible good. Images and sound are central to the process of attracting customers in the tourism industry. This is where tourism video production comes in.

Why is Video Production Essential for Tourism Marketing?

When it comes to the Internet, it can be proven that people prefer to watch rather than read when it comes to online content. Besides, it has been observed that people tend to experience eye strain when reading on a screen and, most likely as a result, lack the patience to read a long block of text on the internet. Therefore, many people will rather watch videos than read articles, if given an option. Google places premium on sites that have well-optimized videos and rank them better, perhaps, as a result of this user preference. If you are yet to be convinced, some figures will probably make you.

video production for tourism

In a 2011 survey by Google, almost 70 percent of those surveyed said they usually watched online videos when planning to go on a trip. A good number of these people used the online videos to make a decision on the right vacation destinations and on where to stay while on vacations. Those surveyed showed preference for videos produced by organized businesses in the tourism industry. What was even more impressive is that an amazing 75 percent of business travelers and 45 percent of leisure travelers said they were induced into make bookings after watching these travel-related videos.

Making Video Production Work for You

So you have now realized the advantages that tourism video production can help your business in the travel sector enjoy and you are thinking of making some videos yourself. Before going ahead, you should be aware that it is not enough to simply grab a camcorder and start shooting different scenes and locations. This is a mistake that many make, thinking that is enough to show places and attractions in a video. This is not true.

It is advisable that you seek the assistance of video production experts such as Production House Singapore to help you prepare a video that works. There are some elements that ideally should be not missing from videos to be used for tourism marketing purposes. One of such ingredient is a touch of a story – many people like storytelling and are attracted to concepts based on stories. Professionals are in a better position to know effective approaches to producing selling videos.

Tourism video production is a very creative way to attract new customers to your business, if you are engaged in the travel industry. It is an effective means of grabbing the attention of people and making them take the actions you desire, which is for them to do business with you.