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“Bose” is the pioneer in audio systems with the best of products coming from their house. Whether it is the speakers, home theatre or wave systems, if they are Bose then they are the best. We absolutely love what they have to offer in wireless headphones. Headphones need clarity, noise reduction and above all a safe and enthralling audio experience; and we must confess that Bose’s Soundlink wireless headphones for TV are all of this and much much more! In fact they are so good that it made the mediocre movie in to an experience of lifetime. So we have been drooling over them and decided to share the experience with you all, right here.


These are the first wireless headphones from Bose and boy! Do they have an incredible sound quality. Soundlink range comes in two versions – “On-ear” and “Around ear”. Comfort fit for ears make it snug and immersive sound just blows you away. These headphones can be connected to two devices simultaneously. So you can easily switch from TV to phone calls in an instant. Both versions use Triport acoustic technology which gives you a luxurious sound experience. The streaming is based on Bluetooth technology. The range is a good 30 feet and a pair will cost about $250.

Ear Phones

The earphones fit snugly and are super light. The irritation in the ear area that you might experience with most of the other brands is non-existent with the Soundlink. In fact you may have to remind yourself occasionally that you are wearing headphones. The on-ear version has an ear cushion width of 2.4” whereas around-ear version has 2.9”.

Dimensions & Accessories

These headphones have been designed to fit one and all. Around ear variant of these headphones have a height of 7.5” and contour of 6”. The Lithium ion battery can last up to seven hours on an average and takes about three hours of charging. Now let us move to the In Ear Soundlink headphones- 5.5” in contour and 7.1” in length. Battery life of this headphone is an unbelievable 15 hours whereas it takes just one and half hours for a full charge! Both the versions come with USB chord and optional audio cable. You can carry your “On-ear” Soundlink headphone in a stylish carry case. The “around ear” has been provided with a drawstring bag.

Our Word

If an exclusive world class audio experience is what you want the most from your headphones then a pair of Bose’ Soundlink is just for you. A high end brand with years of audio expertise never fails to impress. The money you pay for it is simply worth it and just wait when you hear a big “WOW” from every one of your friends
as you show off these super hot pairs of headphones. So move from best to “Better than the best” with Bose’ Soundlink wireless headphones and immerse yourself in the world of acoustic trance just like that!