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Compact Adventure Gear for Travellers

To get the best out of both worlds, we need to become more flexible in your lifestyles.  Balancing work family and adventures is tough but doable thanks to the way modern technology is advancing adventure gear like backpacks, kayaks, bikes and more.  Adventure lovers can now find just about any adventure gear in compactible form so they can store the gear easily and be ready for some fun whenever they get a break from work.

Kayaks adventures

If you love the water then a kayak is an absolute must.  Kayaking is now more flexible than ever before because the inflatable kayaks can be folded into sizes as small as a backpack so you can fit it into any sized vehicle.

Compact Adventure Gear for Travellers

Fishing adventures

– Fishing is even more fun when you do it from a kayak because you can find the best fishing spots in hard to reach areas and you can enjoy the scenery while you fish. The best fishing kayaks can be set up in minutes and has a unique design that will prevent you from tipping over when you lure in a big catch.

River rafting – River rafting is usually done in fiber glass kayaks but since inflatable kayaks have improved so much in the last few years, they have become a much better solution because the modern kayaks have multiple air chambers within the kayak that will ensure that you stay afloat even if you do get a small leak.

Kayak racing – Racing in popular lakes and rivers is great fun and can keep friends and family busy for hours. The modern inflatable kayaks are even lighter in the water because they are basically weightless thanks to the air.  They are also designed to be dynamic in water so you can go much faster.

Camping adventures

Camping is one of the best mini adventures that you can take and the camping gear is becoming more and more compact.  These days you can fit all your camping gear into a single backpack if you really want to.

Tents – Tents are great for camping and can provide great back yard fun for kids.  The modern tents vary greatly and are incredibly lightweight and compact.  You can even get an entire pop up tent the size of a handbag and have a great night out in the wild without having to load too much stuff.

Chairs – There are tons of different shaped and sized chairs some of which are small enough to allow you to simply swing it over your shoulder and be off.

Tables – Camping tables can fold into a small carry bag and can be set up in less than a minute.

Cookware – An entire set of cookware fits into a small bag thanks to the great design of camping cookware.

With all the compact gear that is currently available on the market, there really is no excuse to be stuck at home on a weekend. You can simply pop your adventure goodies into your tiny car and find the nearest camping spot or lake and have a blast on just about every weekend.