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Vacation and Holidays Pay: What Employees Need To Know

Businessman working at desk on the beachMost companies have different rules about vacation pay. However; some rules remain common to all companies across different countries. Often, new employees are unaware of the rules regarding vacations and holidays. So, in this guide, we will discuss the basics of vacation pay briefly so that every employee is aware of the basic facts.

Vacation pay: Who gets it?

Vacation and holiday pay is typically given to only those employees who have been employed with the company for at least 12 months. You also need to have worked for at least 90% of this time period. Some companies even tend to give vacation pay to people who have worked for even 5 days. Also, employees who have worked for consecutive 15 years or more for the same company tend to get several benefits in the form of paid 2 week vacations which may be taken as a single two-week vacation or two one-week vacations in the work year. Workers in Australia can get more information about vacation pay from their payroll service Australia. Many employers also mention holiday pay rates in the advertisement they make for the job post. Once a successful candidate has been offered the job, s/he can get all the details pertaining to this topic.

Where else is holiday and vacation pay mentioned?

The written contract between the company and the employee states the same. Some employers also tend to give written particulars to their employees regarding the vacation or holiday pay as well.

What constitute typical holidays?

Public holidays of a country are also mentioned in the contract. These include common festival holidays, bank holidays, and common law holidays. If Christmas and New Year’s fall on weekends, alternate days may be declared as holidays.

When can an employee ask for his/her vacation pay?

Most employers give the vacation pay to their workers one day before the latter leave on vacation. Some companies tend to pay it in every pay period but this has to be indicated by payroll and advised to the employer.

Calculating vacation pay

Usually, in most countries, vacation pay is calculated at 4% of the total wages, which are the gross wages with commissions and extras including overtime pay and so on. For employees who have been consecutively employed for more than 15 years with the same company, the pay may be calculated at 6% of the gross wages.

Deductions on vacation pay

Most commonly applicable deductions on normal pay are also available on vacation pay such as income tax, employment insurance premium, pension/401 K plans etc.

Taking and applying for vacation

It is every employee’s right to apply for vacation provided s/he gives a notice well in advance. Usually, most employers give a minimum leave period: in some cases it is twice as long as the period of actual vacation. Thus, if you are planning to go on 1 week leave, give a notice period at least 2 weeks in advance.

Employers’ restrictions

Sometimes, employers may impose restrictions on the leave taken. They may, for example, nominate certain days of the year as closure where the employers have to take their annual leave. They can also impose limits on the maximum number of leaves one can take and also periods when the leave may be taken. Sometimes, though rare, drastic measures may lead the employer to cancel an employee’s leave, but s/he might want to compensate for it through monetary means.

How to Keep Your Home Clean During Vacation

Luxury Home

Time really flies so fast, isn’t it? It’s already September, and it feels like just yesterday when we were planning for our last year’s Christmas vacation. And now, the holidays are already right around the corner and it’s hard to believe that we’re, again, planning for the coming holidays.

Well, while you’re figuring out which part of the world you should be going to spend your well-deserved break to – whether it’s in British Columbia in Canada or Honolulu in Hawaii, you would also want to give some thought on how you’re going to maintain your home while you and your family are away. This is especially true if you do not have any helper around to care for your dwelling, and you’re planning to go out for a long break.

The primary reason why you’re taking vacation days is to take away stress, isn’t it? And the last thing you want is to worry about the messes when you get back from your relaxation, which is why you need to make sure your home is already clean before you leave.

But how would you do that? Well, all it takes is spending just a few hours to clean your own home. You can also ask the other members of your family to help you in the cleaning to make the process a lot easier and faster. At least the week or day before your travel, set an hour or two to clean your home, so that when you get back, you will return to a clean and fresh dwelling. Here are some simple maintenance solutions we have for you:

Wash all your clothes and dishes

Have your dirty clothes washed before you leave. Better if you dry your clothes before the day of your travel so you can have the chance to put them away. By doing this, you will no longer have to deal with a big pile of dirty clothing when you get back. It is also a good thing to wash your bed sheets before your travel day, so you can come home to a clean bed. One of the best feelings after a vacation is to go home to a fresh and clean bed!

The same goes for your dirty dishes. If you have a dishwasher, then better – because all you need is run it, and then voila! You may also want to remove the kitchen trash and any leftovers so ants and other bacteria won’t invade your home while you’re away.

Clear all clutter and dust

In addition to washing your dirty clothes and dishes, you should also remove any clutter around your house, such as dust and trash. Wipe down the dust that is found on your home appliances, furniture, kitchen countertop, shelves, tables, and any other items where you store and put your things. It is also a good thing to clean your carpet and floor before you leave. To make this process easier, use a vacuum. If you don’t have a vacuum, though, purchase one. Having your own cleaning item, such as a vacuum cleaner, is a great investment. Your property deserves good cleaning appliances. If you often go out for a vacation, you will appreciate it. But make sure to purchase the right item for your needs to clean your floors quickly. Some types of vacuums are not suitable for some surfaces, such as the vacuum for hardwood floors, which are usually only meant for hardwood floors. If you have pets, then a vacuum for pet hair is the one that you would like to purchase. Go to http://www.janesbestvacuums.com/ for more tips and information.

These maintenance solutions may seem to be no-brainers and for most of you, they’re something that you already know about. But while it seems silly to state the obvious, some people are forgetting their importance and still leave without doing them. It’s very important for you to realize that cleaning your home before leaving is crucial. You’ll be amazed on what cleaning and being organized can do to yourself and to your own dwelling. So do take these tips into consideration and have a wonderful break!